Simon was one of the founders of the successful Transitions Techno parties that took place at Houndsditch former venue Duke’s bar and Islington’s Electrowerkz. With a broad background when it comes to underground sound, his sets exemplify a deep spectrum of upright beats and bouncing grooves.


1.Where were you born/brought up?

“Muswell Hill North London”

2.Where do you live now and for how long?

“North London, New Southgate”

3. Family Background – Where are your parents from/do you have any siblings

“Parents Both from England, My dad from Devon and my mum from Coventry. They met in London and lived there ever since. 1 Brother who is now living in Australia!”

4. Musical Background – What was the first record you bought/what style of music did you first start listening to when you were younger?

“Probably the first single I ever bought was Charlie by the Prodigy, think I still have the 7 inch somewhere, think I was 10 or 11 years old at the time. The old school rave sound was the first dance music I was listening to. The likes of KLF, Altern 8, 808 State, Bizaare inc, Liquid and many more who were releasing stuff in the late eighties/early nineties. That was my first introduction to dance music that I found I liked, it got played in the charts back in those days and then moved to pirate radio stations that started to appear around this time… general consensus started to fall out with dance music and it all went underground.”

5. What musical styles, genres and artists would you say have influenced to reach the point you are at now?

“All sorts… I went through so many different phases as I went through life, and probably took something from all the genres whether it was Hardcore, Drum and Bass, Gabber, Ambient, Psy Trance, House & Trance. I listened to all of those at some point.”

“Eventually I found Techno though… Proper Techno!! This came to me in the early 2000’s, and I’ve never looked back.  I think it was a regular party called Open To Torture (run by Billy Nasty) in the End was the one that did it! Techno was more versatile; it wasn’t stuck at one set BPM, didn’t have the same stagnant formula for every track, meaning it could be played, mixed or scratched! I started mixing around that time and realised that there was endless room to play about and create new sounds.”

6.  Favourite DJ/s and why?

“There are so many but I guess 2 that really stand out for me are Richie Hawtin, ‘cos he just keeps on pushing boundaries for me, I hear tunes I know but they never sound the same, I almost feel he is crossing a line between mixing and remixing music when I’m watching him live. It’s pretty special.”

“My second is really underrated in this country despite being from London and that’s Ben Long, who is also one half of Space Dj’s! If you aint heard him do a set, check him out. He works the decks like no one else, scratches, really tight cutting, Hard Techno, its Naughty! Not many can come close to that level of technical brilliance…really worth checking him out if he’s in town”

7.  Favourite Producer at the moment and why?

“None, I don’t like to follow one producer cos they release one good track I really love then I feel let down by the next thing they release”

8. Favourite record label and why?

“Same answer as 7 pretty much”

9. Most memorable clubbing experience?

“Very difficult to say the last 10 years feel like one extended night!

If I had to pick 1 Contact was special at the Brixton academy, for everything it was. It wasn’t just a night out; it was a full production, show.  Whatever you want to call it, it was bloody impressive. Never seen anything like that before!”

10. What projects have you been involved with/ nights have you played at before in the past?

“Was involved in running a night called Transitions, in various locations in London. Had some good parties, were going to’ start them again in the New Year. A bit older and wiser now so the next batch will definitely be something to watch out for!”

11. Favourite Club/Club-night/Festival?

“The End was my favourite club back in its day. Now I’m loving pretty much anywhere with a great sound system – anywhere boasting a Funktion1 system is my sort of place!”

12. Describe yourself in 3 words!

“I’m not sure”

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