OSCAR 1,000,000


OSCAR 1,000,000

Talented by all means electronic, Oscar 1,000,000’s  3 deck Techno mixes are reminiscent of the afterhour sessions that can be found at  the likes of Jaded’s Sunday sessions.  He has played at a range of the infamous ATG parties all around London over the last few years and there are some very exciting productions yet to be heard from this lad.

1.Where were you born/brought up?

“The sunny side of Birmingham”

2.Where do you live now and for how long? 

“I live in Wood Green, North London. Reckon I’ve probably lived here around 7 years”

3. Family Background ñ Where are your parents from/do you have any siblings?

“My Dad is originally from Dublin and my Mum from Sheffield, both love music and have played all their lives. I have two brothers and one sister they all love it. Everybody loves it”

4. Musical Background – What was the first record you bought/what style of music did you first start listening to when you were younger? 

“Difficult to put my finger on the first tunes I bought but among the first I purchased myself were the 3T album, Craig David’s Rewind and Eiffel 65’s Blue.”

5. What musical styles, genres and artists would you say have influenced you to reach the point you are at now?

“The Beatles and Buddy Holly were influences when I was younger.  Drum & Bass for getting me into club music and Techno for bringing me home”

6.  Favourite DJ/s and why?

“Bushwacka, Mr consistent. Always catch him if he’s in the area. Dave Clarke is again very reliable and I like to know what I’m getting. Adam Beyer tops the list, love his style and although he switches it up a little at times there’s nothing I love to see more that an on form Beyer”

7.  Favourite Producer at the moment and why?

“Going to have to say Timbaland. I know it’s not Techno but he’s the best there is”

8. Favourite record label and why?

“Gonna have to go with my mans Drumcode label. No fucking about, just techno”

9. Most memorable clubbing experience?

“Difficult, I’ll go with Minus 10 at Fabric. Had a great night, Richie was in a good mood, just wish I could remember some of it!”

10. What projects have you been involved with/ nights have you played at before in the past?

“Previously I have played at a few of the ATG nights all over London. I also produce under the name Ii Nioi so watch out for some of that stuff coming your way.”

11. Favourite Club/Club-night/Festival?

“Fabric/Shake-It/ Bestival”

12. Describe yourself in 3 words!

“Monotonous. Opinionated. Pussy.”

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