Has just spent the last few years integrated in the New Zealand club circuit, involved with nights that boast line-ups ranging from Australia’s finest in Electro Blaze Tripp to the UK’s don of DnB and Jungle A-Sides.  Recently played at the Metro Ski & Snowboard show at Earl’s Court for Snowbombing Festival.


1.Where were you born/brought up?

“Born in Camden, brought up in North London.”

 2.Where do you live now and for how long?

“Live in Muswell Hill, North London, but have been previous been living in Whangarei, Northland New Zealand for two years. Permanently moved back to London to reunite with the crew and set up Not Far From Wrong Collective…”

 3. Family Background – Where are your parents from/do you have any siblings?

“Mum’s English from London, Dad’s from Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Got an older brother and a younger sister.”

 4. Musical Background – What was the first record you bought/what style of music did you first start listening to when you were younger?

“Shamefully – ATB ‘til I come’ was the first actual EP I bought on CD, first piece of vinyl was I think was a Mark Broom EP but can’t remember which.”

“From an early age I was collecting the mainstream MOS CD’s that you see around, one in particular I seem to recall some kind of Trance classics CD mixed by Tall Paul & Judge Jules… So I think that was kind of the gateway into electronic music, which rapidly went into the background when I hit my teens and then got heavily into Rock music for a few years.”

“I think Radio 1’s Essential mix is what drew me back to the Electronic genre. I realised that there was a whole load of other stuff that was a lot less shit than the stuff I had previously been sucked in by and my interest in Electro, House and Techno developed from there.”

5. What musical styles, genres and artists would you say have influenced to reach the point you are at now?

“I think I have a very broad variety in musical taste…. I like most music styles as long as the content is good to be honest. Soul, Blues, Funk, Disco have played a big part in my life, I have a lot of respect for the old school sounds of the first real experimentation with Electronic synths you hear in a lot of old funk and disco tunes. When I’m out listening to music I primarily prefer to listen to Techno, but I’m easily pleased as long as its somewhere along the lines of deep, dirty or funky.”

6.  Favourite DJ/s and why?

“Richie Hawtin – The man’s sets are an art form. When he’s on a roll, the sets take you to all different kinds of mental states!

Bushwacka! – Raw track selection, he knows what is necessary, delivers track after track of bouncing tunes.

Claude Von Stroke – You can’t fault Claude’s unique productions, and his sets are very much influenced by the Dirtybird sound that he created, fun, punchy and distinctive.”

7.  Favourite Producer at the moment and why?

“I’m really liking the styles of Julio Bashmore, Maya Jane Coles & Maceo Plex at this current time… they’ve been delivering consistent good quality House tracks over this summer just gone.  Have got a lot of respect for people like Numbers records and Joy Orbison at the minute as they are crafting tracks that have a really old Detroit feel about them. Tim Green too…love his bounce.

8. Favourite record label and why?

“Cocoon  – The man Sven at the top really has a good eye for talent and gets in there quick to release top quality techno tunes.

Dirtybird – For the original, crazy and fun productions, that really stand out amongst other labels.”

 9. Most memorable clubbing experience?

Bushwacka closing one of the Olmeto nights at The End (RIP)
He with the lights on for about two hours and defied security’s attempt to finish the party! I miss that place. I think I even have a video somewhere of that very morning.

 10. What projects have you been involved with/ nights have you played at before in the past?

“I’ve played at a few smaller nights in London over the years, being in New Zealand was cool, I got to meet and play alongside some of NZ’s finest! They really know how to throw a filthy party… Orifus Productions, responsible for many a hectic night! NFFW will be a project that I look forward to getting established.”

 11. Favourite Club/Club-night/Festival?

“The End use to be my favourite club, it had a house party feel to it,  but I have always been very fond of the Room 1 sound system at Fabric. In terms of club night… I would say anything with Minus or Drumcode involved! Best festival is definitely Bestival!!!! Everyone there is just on an excellent vibe, music’s not bad either!”

 12. Describe yourself in 3 words!

“Cheeky little fucker

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