Recent success has seen his ‘Da Dum’ single, released on Subbass Recordings reach no.7 in the trackitdown Deep/Tech House chart, following this he has been booked to play the LOFT @ Ministry Of Sound on 4th November, a night not to be missed.


1.Where were you born/brought up?

“Norf LAAAAANDAN. Haringey to be specific, Crouch End (best pronounced with a French accent) to be even more so.

2.Where do you live now and for how long?

“I lived in Eastbourne for three years but now am back in North London”

3. Family Background – Where are your parents from/do you have any siblings?

“My family are spread all over the shop, bit to many to mention here. But they’re all lovely.”

4. Musical Background – What was the first record you bought/what style of music did you first start listening to when you were younger?

“I’m going to be honest, the first album I bought with my own money was either Spice World or one of the World Wrestling Federation compilations. However I grew up listening to Punk and even had the stupid hair cut to go along with it. This is actually how I got into going to raves funnily enough, going along to squats when I was around 16/17 and spakking out to DnB.”

“I later got into Dubstep after hearing it at Fabric and then started producing and writing Hip Hop under the alias Crimethink. That was all going pretty well for a while, however my good mate Jack Liney starting playing me some Deep House stuff about a year ago and I can honestly say I have fallen in love with it. It just seemed to click with me and now I can’t get enough.”

5. What musical styles, genres and artists would you say have influenced you to reach the point you are at now?

“As mentioned, I  grew up on Punk but my taste quickly widened. There really are so many different influences that I can’t list them all.”

6.  Favourite DJ/s and why?

“Seth Troxler because that interview at WMC 2010 cracks me up”

7.  Favourite Producer at the moment and why?

“Probably Emika or Maceo Plex. Emika technically is the absolute nuts, can’t really put her into a genre’ but I suppose it would just be electronica, the atmosphere and tension she can create within a song is quality. Maceo Plex is a fucking geezer when it comes to the Deep House shit nuff said.”

8. Favourite record label and why?

“Subbass Recordings, because they gave me a chance that is hard to get, I appreciate it enormously.”

9. Most memorable clubbing experience?

“Getting my Fire Safety badge at Beaver’s was my most memorable experience…as for clubbing I would have to say watching the beautiful dancing fire girls at Maya Jane Coles at the After Burner stage at Bestival this year.”

10. What projects have you been involved with/ nights have you played at before in the past?

“Production wise I’ve done a variety of things, most notably having a four track EP released exclusively on through Subbass Recordings, with one track ‘Da Dum’ getting to number seven in the Deep/Tech House chart. I’m pretty new to the DJ lark, Subbass again have sorted me out with a warm up slot at Ministry Of Sound which is sick, however I cannot wait to get my teeth into Not Far From Wrong.”

11. Favourite Club/Club-night/Festival?

“Bestival!! Smashed everything I’ve been to this year by faaaar. The range of music was right up my street and everybody was there for the exactly the same reason, to have a laugh.”

12. Describe yourself in 3 words!

“Pimp Mac Daddy”

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